Allison McCollister

Account Executive


"Natural born pitcher"


What some people call drama, Allison calls flair. It’s a soft skill that comes with an engrained connection to social media, an affinity for networking and a passion for socializing and building relationships.

It’s what makes Allison a great storyteller for her clients, just as it makes the difference between a pitch that goes ignored and unanswered, and one that lands placements in publications like The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Popular Mechanics, Contemporist and local business journals and flagship papers.

Few things ignite the Red Fan office more than a great media hit for a client, and few people have been able to do it more frequently than Allison since she joined Red Fan in the summer of 2017 after earning a master’s degree in mass communications from LSU.

Since moving to Austin, Allison has participated in more community events, eaten at more restaurants, gone to more bars and attended more concerts than Matthew McConaughey, Willie Nelson and Robert Plant combined.


"From the way Red Fan works for their clients to their inspiring and innovative ideas, it’s clear that this is a first-rate team that is committed to making their clients rock stars. I look forward to working with Kathleen and her team any time I can."

— Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva


"It has been a pleasure to work with Kathleen during our marketing and public relations initiatives. She played a key role in enhancing our company’s brand recognition in front of world-class companies."

— Andres Traslavina, director of recruiting and institutional development, myEDU


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