Red Fan announces three B2B partnerships

We’re thrilled to announce a series of three new partnerships with B2B brands in Austin and beyond: OutboundEngine, Repair Pricer and SwanLeap.


OutboundEngine is an Austin-based marketing automation platform used by more than 10,000 small businesses to build actionable marketing campaigns. The company customizes content and email marketing for small businesses, which often don’t have the resources to execute detailed marketing plans aimed at bolstering brand affinity and acquiring new customers.

OutboundEngine is known for its dedicated experts and analysts with a passion for small business, a quality Red Fan wholeheartedly shares.

“We first learned that OutboundEngine was looking for a PR team from Deepak Surana, the company’s vice president of product, whom I worked with on MyEdu several years ago,” said Kathleen Lucente, president and founder of Red Fan. “OutboundEngine is experiencing tremendous growth, and we’re excited to be a part of their journey.”

Repair Pricer

Headquartered in Dallas, Repair Pricer is a unique pricing tool that helps realtors, prospective homeowners and home inspectors accurately price repair estimates during the home inspection period. Repair Pricer uses in-house pricing experts, satellite imagery, AI technology and up-to-date databases of local price points for individual markets to translate complicated inspection reports into accurate repair estimates for realtors and their clients. The company has analyzed more than 66,000 reports and estimates the total cost of repairs to a home with 98 percent accuracy.

“Repair Pricer’s CEO, Christian Adams, was drawn to our knowledge of the real estate and construction industries, both of which are areas we’ve learned much about through previous partnerships and ones we’re excited to operate in,” Lucente said. “Repair Pricer is exactly the kind of brand we love to work with, and I’m honestly not sure why it isn’t already a requirement for every realtor, inspector and homebuyer in the country.”


SwanLeap is a Wisconsin-based transportation technology provider for logistics managers and supply chain decision-makers. Legacy systems still dominate supply chain management, making it difficult for logistics managers and others to optimize shipping costs, routes and more. SwanLeap uses artificial intelligence to increase companies’ visibility into and control of their supply chains, providing 26.7 percent savings on average.

“SwanLeap grew at an astounding 75,660.8 percent and was named the No. 1 fastest-growing private company on the Inc. 5000,” Lucente said. “It’s truly an amazing achievement and speaks to how desperately needed SwanLeap’s services and products are in the shipping and supply chain markets.”


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