#AskKathleen: Essential elements of a successful brand

Today I’m talking about brands and I’m not talking about logos, which is a common misperception about brands. Take a brand class and open up a book, you might see logos of Mercedes, BMW and Target and a lot of consumers might think, “Well, that’s what a brand is.” However, chief marketing officers and heads of companies understand that we’re actually building a business into a brand and it’s the experience that your end-users have shapes what the brand is. As a marketer you can’t really dictate that, but you can try to influence it.

You want to build a brand experience that makes the consumer feel deeply connected through the company’s product experience, customer service or philanthropic efforts. All of these elements are crucial to creating a brand. Brand loyalty does not come from just loving a product but believing in a company with a great mission and commitment to making their employees happy. A strong PR team can help the company hit all of the crucial elements and build a brand that strikes a chord with its customers.

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