#AskKathleen: How to deliver a quality brand in the age of experience

We have reached the age of experience. When I think about the age of experience, the launch of the W Hotel comes into my mind. Once you walked into the W Hotel’s lobby, you can tell that they tried to really change the game in the hospitality industry. The music and the smell in the air was a certain vibe, people wanted to buy the candles from the W. The guests wanted to bring that experience home.

The age of experience happens in real-time and also online, which makes the digital brand experience as equally as important for marketers to consider. The rise of digital banking and online movie streaming services are some examples of this trend and how customers want everything at our fingertips.

Today, we feel invested in the brands we consume and care about if the employees on the other side are having as much fun working for that brand as we are engaging with it. Consumers today feel that they have a right to voice their disappointment or satisfaction with a brand whether it’s on Yelp or on Facebook.

As you start to build a brand, it’s important to understand how to design a brand experience that aligns with the overall brand story. Both online and brick-and-mortar experiences, whether it’s the website checkout process or how customers are welcomed in-store, will influence how customers evaluate the brand’s authenticity.

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