Your funding announcement should accomplish these three outcomes

So, you’ve acquired the funding you need for your company to hire new employees, secure a lease on a new headquarters or develop your first product offering. The hard part is over, right?

Not necessarily.

A funding announcement can be a crucial first step toward making an impact in any market. It is, after all, your first big reveal to media, investors—both current and prospective—and industry stakeholders.

To make an impact in any market, announcing your funding can be a crucial first step.

With the right plan of action, your funding announcement should:

  1. Establish your initial position and reputation in the market;

  2. Answer basic questions about how the funding is being allocated;

  3. Build credibility in the industry by associating your brand with industry media, investors and other key stakeholders.

Keeping your announcement concise conveys confidence to the press, so give them the cold-hard facts:

  • How much money has been raised in this round? In total?

  • Who led the round?

  • How does this round of funding help you achieve your mission or short-term business objectives?

Answering these questions before they’re even asked will attract more investors and establish your reputation as a market player. Additionally, finding the right reporter(s) to whom you can announce your funding will make or break your release. When associated with influential media from the start, your company is poised to make countless connections in the VIP booth of your industry, allowing you to hold the conversations you want as you scale. With these components, your funding announcement will become the springboard for a positive relationship with the press, an attractive investment for more potential partners and a competitive reputation within the market.

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