Red Fan's pre-launch checklist

Red Fan specializes in helping organizations at three critical points in the business life cycle: launch, growth and exit. Our clients are startups preparing to introduce their works of genius to the world (not to mention funders), established businesses eager to build brand visibility and accelerate growth, and companies gearing up for a merger, acquisition or an IPO.

If you’re getting ready to launch a company or product, try not to get too wrapped up in the post-launch plan that you’ve left crucial marketing plans behind. If you haven’t perfected the following processes, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

  • Get your house in order.

  • Establish how to own your backyard.

  • Get your story straight.

  • Back up your external efforts with solid internal communications.

  • Have the “so what?” ready for action.

Loosely defined plans and uninformed decisions can bite back hard. Start-ups should surround themselves with a team of experts in public relations, human resources, finance and product commercialization. Align yourself with the right advisors from the get go so you don’t waste time, money and credibility cleaning up messes or dealing with what might be viewed as a public failure. Have a savvy communications professional in your pocket at those moments when the public is watching—and judging.

Ready for action? With Red Fan, you can check everything off the list and more. Click the button below to download the full pre-launch checklist.



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