What integrated communications actually looks like

Too often, we see potential clients seeking a PR firm that will help them achieve one goal: press coverage. Before the exponential growth of digital channels—websites, email, social media, YouTube—communicating to the public was predominantly accomplished through the media.

This simply is no longer the case.

Now, brands have their own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, their own YouTube channels, downloadable white papers and related content on their websites, email marketing campaigns that reach the consumer directly, the list goes on and on.

There are more ways than ever to communicate to your customers, creating the 21st century challenge to remain consistent in tone, content and core messaging across all channels that still resonates with your audience.

While there are countless ways to define “integrated communications,” its benefits are best understood when put into practice. Integrated communications means that your PR team is:

  • consistently a part of the product development cycle;
  • an extension of the marketing and sales teams;
  • able to identify repurposeful content for several channels;
  • partnering with the creative team;
  • aware and involved in all internal and external communications.

When assessing your current communications strategy, it’s important to ask, “How well is my PR team working with my department?” It’s necessary for your teams to function more as a Venn diagram rather than two separate circles, leaving the overlapping space for common goals and constant communication.

Some elements of an integrated communications strategy:

  • Media and analyst relations
  • Company announcements
  • Content strategy, creation, distribution, repurposing and redistribution
  • Thought leadership, including op-eds, speaking engagements and awards
  • Social strategy and management
  • Executive and internal communications


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