Your pre-go-to-market PR checklist

Understanding the difference between a go-to-market announcement and a funding announcement starts by recognizing the end goal for each. When announcing funding, your release should cater to the reporter of a business journal or a “Techcrunch-esque” site to appeal to investors and showcase momentum or growth. To learn more about how to approach the press with your funding announcement, click here. Conversely, when announcing a new product, your focus should be on targeting industry reporters and outlets that will relay the news to your customer base.

Before your go-to-market announcement is ever drafted, ensure you have the following elements in place:

  • A list of primary and secondary media targets. Identify Tier One reporters, publications and influencers. By now, you should know who your target audience is and what they’re reading;

  • Company and product positioning that has been tested and that you know will resonate with your target audiences;

  • A designated spokesperson and media contact;

  • An updated website, product sheets, press kit and other marketing collateral;

  • Testimonials, case studies, beta customers willing to speak to the press;

  • A thought leadership or content strategy that complements the announcement.

Before putting fingers to keyboard, clearly set an end goal that articulates what you want the announcement to accomplish. Are you trying to seem more appealing to a larger brand for acquisition? Are you trying to quickly attract new customers? Are you pivoting your product roadmap? Whatever it is, let the answer provide the framework on which your announcement is built.


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