Building your personal brand

Building a personal brand is something a lot of clients don’t give a lot of thought to, after all, how hard can it be to just be yourself? Harder than you’d think. Building a strong personal brand takes a combination of knowledge about your industry, differentiation in that knowledge amongst others in the industry, an awareness of media trends and more. Balancing all of these elements and incorporating them into a thought-leadership strategy requires more than just a byline article or an instagram post here and there.

One of the most common mistakes we see is clients leaning so heavily on specialization to the point of being pigeonholed by their own knowledge. While it’s important to have more than just a general knowledge on your subject, (after all, anyone can have a basic understanding now with one little Google search) you never want to become a one trick pony. That’s why we encourage our clients to play to their strengths while also remaining aware of current media trends and what the competition is doing, so they can speak to different topics within their industry, even if it’s outside their realm of direct specialization.

As you continue to curate speaking engagements, place numerous bylines and ramp up your social media profiles, consistency should be king. Remaining consistent across all platforms will give you credibility as a thought leader and encourage others to buy in to your brand.


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