The importance of healthy skepticism

When you’re surrounded by something daily, it’s easy to become blind to its flaws and imperfections. It’s why every parent thinks their kid is the best player on the soccer team, the smartest contestant in the spelling bee and so on. The day-to-day tasks of operating a company can bring you too close to your business to have a comprehensive perspective of what may or may not be working. It’s times like these when bringing in a third party can provide a healthy dose of skepticism when examining or identifying your message, value proposition and growth opportunities.

Whether you own a company, are a C-Suite executive or even the head of a division, you’ve likely made at least a few assumptions about your brand, product or service. As a PR firm, it’s our job to challenge the assumptions you’ve made and ensure that you’re correctly identifying your competition, audience and message. This will come in the form of questions—quite a few of them, actually, including:

  • What other companies do you need to be monitoring?

  • What motivates your audience?

  • Are you connecting with this audience on the right platforms and with the right content?

  • What is your company’s purpose?

  • What makes your company different?

...and the list continues. Asking the tough questions gives you the criteria and data points to inform your positioning statement. If you care more about resonating with your target audience rather than just reaching them, then don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, challenge those assumptions, figure out what is and isn’t working and dare to do something about it. If the latter still sounds a bit scary to you, we’d be happy to walk you through it. Let’s chat.


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