Crafting a worthy investor deck

The deck

  • Keep your deck confidential;
  • Keep it to fewer than 15 slides, lest you risk losing everyone’s attention;
  • Make your deck visually appealing with sexy branding, consistent font types and sizes, etc.;
  • Don’t include too much text.

Your approach

  • Clearly state the market problem and include a key statistic that captures that problem;
  • Define how you solve the problem;
  • Understand the level of detail you will need to achieve to educate the people in the room. A firm that specializes in your market won’t require as much education as one that focuses on more generalized investments;
  • Send the deck beforehand or have printouts available. The last thing you want is people trying to squint to read your slides;
  • Use the slides as cues for a narrative about your idea, company and market opportunity. Don’t read from them directly;
  • Accurately explain your path to profitability and growth strategy, what gap in the market you fill and estimated go-to-market timelines;
  • Use financial tables as a leave-behind, not as a core talking point for your presentation;
  • Leave time for questions!

The content

  • Include a slide on competitive analysis and highlight what your differentiators are;
  • Show the faces of your core leadership team;
  • Include slides on:
    • Market landscape and opportunity
    • Your business model and positioning
    • Your competitors
    • Your go-to-market/customer acquisition strategy and related traction
    • Your core team
    • Timelines
    • Customer testimonials, partner feedback, etc.


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