Communications is changing. Here’s how we’re staying ahead.

Thirty years ago—in an analog world of faxes, clipbooks, print editions, VHS (RIP) and landlines—public relations was much more easily defined and much narrower in scope.

Today, amid a backdrop of widespread consumer distrust in brands, a fragmented and democratized media landscape and constant digital connectivity, PR is a radically different—but no less important—field of communications.

Differentiating your brand and thought leaders has never been more difficult. Identifying your audiences and communicating value have never been more challenging. Holding your customers’ attention has never been more important. The pitfalls of modern digital communications have never been easier to fall into.

We’re not trying to scare anyone by pointing this out. We’re simply articulating what so many of us already know, and what we at Red Fan are doing about it.

It’s important to us that our clients, partners and friends have a full understanding of what we do and why we do it, because integrated communications isn’t just media relations or just writing press releases. It’s the management of the experiences your stakeholders have with your brand from beginning to end.

The services we offer to our clients support that philosophy regardless of a company’s business stage, industry or location. If you’re struggling to stand out in your market, we can help position your brand and thought leaders for success. If you need a content and writing engine that increases your visibility and interactions with customers, we can build it for you. If you want to retire to the beach or the mountains, we’ll prepare you for exit so that, when you’re leavin’ on a jet plane, you know you won’t be back again.

Our goal is always to achieve our clients’ goals, and the methods by which we succeed are unique to every brand, and continue to expand as the wide, wide world of communications grows even wider.

We just thought you might like to know.

So, what can we do for you?


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