Red Fan Communications teams up with Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP)

Red Fan Communications is thrilled to announce its partnership with Austin-based software company Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP).

Red Fan is passionate about working with industry trailblazers, and that’s exactly what we’ve found with GAP CEO Joyce Durst and CMO/CRO Darryl Worsham. GAP is dedicated to providing clients with the tools and people necessary to bolster their technical teams and provide top-notch IT support. To do so, GAP nearshores software delivery from Costa Rica and Columbia.

“GAP is a special company because they not only have a vibrant culture here in Austin, but are also very involved in the Latin American markets,” said Kathleen Lucente, president and founder of Red Fan. “Much like Red Fan, GAP is committed to providing the best for its clients and stops at nothing to achieve harmony in a client-partner relationship.”


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