Lindsay Yanko

Senior Account Executive


"Ray of sunshine"


It was a warm spring day in 2017 at the Red Fan office when the doorbell rang. A visibly distraught University of Texas student with purple hair stood on the front porch. She had been walking her bird (yes, her bird) on a leash on Helms Street just outside the Red Fan office when it flew into a tree in our parking lot. The girl asked for our help, as the leash was caught on a branch and was preventing the bird from what we can only imagine was a desperate attempt to escape. While the rest of us immediately went back to work, Lindsay stood with the girl in our parking lot for about 30 minutes, trying to talk the bird off a literal ledge while the girl tried to convince the fire department to dispatch a truck to help.

That’s Lindsay: empathetic, compassionate, always trying to help other people. It’s a hell of a personality trait to have in public relations, an industry in which you have to treat your clients’ problems and challenges as your own.

Combine that with more than a decade of experience working with both B2B and consumer-focused brands, and you get a senior account executive who can confidently handle any account with grace, quickly understand a client’s business objectives and identify how to best achieve them. Lindsay’s selfless nature and her desire to hold each party’s best interest at heart leads to success after success for her clients.

Previously, Lindsay served as a senior account executive for Burson Cohn & Wolfe, which allows her to bring a range of experiences to the Red Fan table. While her specialty lies in consumer industries, Lindsay is a chameleon when it comes to public relations and handles B2B/tech accounts with the same level of expertise. She has worked for clients like ExxonMobil, Choice Hotels and Sam’s Club, but no matter the size, Lindsay handles each account with an unmatched attention to detail and work ethic.


"The Red Fan team is first-class in their ability to not only secure the best press coverage for their client but also bring in non-media influencers that add to the value of the client's work. This has been our experience through all they do for Austin Gives and our observation in every client account they have."

— Beth Krueger, executive director, Austin Gives


"The Pet Loss Center’s business model is a complete paradigm shift from what has been the norm in pet death care services. Red Fan’s ability to deliver the educational message of our offering through a variety of media outlets catapulted our exposure in our various markets in Texas and Florida."

— Coleen Ellis, founder, The Pet Loss Center


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