Mimi Fernandez

Director of Client Success 

"Why run when you can power walk?”


With a knack for smart partnerships and a first-place networking game, Mimi is a natural fit as Red Fan’s director of client success.

Mimi brings more than 18 years of experience in communications and business development, and has worked at large corporations, global agencies and leading nonprofits. Her philosophy is to base any program on good research and insights and to bring a spirit of service and advocacy to every client.

Mimi has helped startups, nonprofits and industry giants—including Fortune 50 clients—grow their businesses through traditional and influencer-based communication programs. Passionate about creativity, innovation and finding ways to exceed potential, Mimi is essential to Red Fan’s business development and growth.

Mimi is a strong advocate of keeping a full calendar, which means we’ll often see her wandering from meeting to meeting at Red Fan’s office and from event to event around town.

A University of Texas at Austin alumna, Mimi is thrilled to be back in Austin after taking a heat hiatus to live in Brooklyn for more than 10 years. As a mom of two, she is in involved in fundraising for her school and enjoys healthy cooking. She is a voracious reader and an avid listener of podcasts about the brain and behavioral psychology. She aspires to run, but mostly just speed walks while listening to a podcast.


“Red Fan understands Austin, knows the market and most importantly, is fully connected to the community, the opinion leaders and the influencers. I’ve become familiar with most of the PR and strategic marketing firms in town, and have found Red Fan to offer the true professional and sophisticated thinking, actions and follow-through that any serious organization would want.”

— Mark Rivers, partner, Solage Hotels and Resorts


"During the redesign of my website, the Red Fan team was able to guide me through the process with ease and bring together a classic and beautiful website that really captures the essence of who I am and the uniqueness of what I do."

— Robin Hancock, founder and proprietor, RSK Jewelry


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