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Pam Olszewski

Assistant Account Coordinator
“The’ W ‘ is silent”


Pam would have you think that there’s nothing out of the ordinary in her life. She enjoys Texas barbecue (none of that overly sweet KC stuff, thank you very much). She loves taking boat trips on Lake Travis with her family. She’s a die-hard fan of “The Office.” So far, pretty normal for Austin, Texas.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll discover that she’s just as weird as the rest of us. She’s good enough at film and TV trivia to make you wonder how she’s able to travel so much. She’s been to 28 states and 14 countries, but her self-assessment of her travel record is simply, “Not bad, but I still have a lot of places to see.”

She’s traveled to more places than the average person typically sees watching movies. She ran into Mel Gibson’s stunt double at a coffee shop in Florence—not just met, but chatted up for an hour about—you guessed it—museums. She went to Poland as part of her dad’s genealogy research, where she visited her ancestral family home dating back to the mid-19th century, which is still in her extended family’s possession.  

So yeah, weird enough to quality for working at Red Fan. 

Pam moved home to Texas after nearly a decade working in communications on the East Coast at Hess Corporation, Comedy Central and National Geographic Channel. She earned a master’s degree in public relations from NYU and, before that, a bachelor’s degree from the Missouri School of Journalism (M-I-Z!), a particular point of pride for both her and the Red Fan office, which is already chock-full with UT grads and needed a bit more Midwestern flair. One thing the Mizzou and UT grads around here can all agree on, though, is that college football is the greatest athletic competition since Hercules conquered his 12 Labors. 

So, basically, she fits right in.


" Red Fan's local connections run deep, which was evident by the quantity and quality of press they garnered for us. Although our headquarters are in Denver, we never had to worry about not being in Austin. And when it came time for opening activities, they helped our brand seamlessly enter the new market and feel like locals. I would highly recommend Red Fan for their communications services."

— Beth Hardy, chief storyteller, Modern Market


"Working with Red Fan has been highly instrumental in the development and growth of my architecture firm. They developed a tailored website and PR strategy that has helped us establish our name and attract great clients. Red Fan always remains in-tune with our industry, and continues to deliver great results while providing ongoing strategies to achieve our goals."

— Chris Sanders, founder and principal, Sanders Architecture


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