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Rebecca Bowman

Account Executive


“Who runs the world”


Some may say that achieving that perfect “work-life balance” is nearly impossible when working a full nine-to-five schedule. Rebecca begs to differ.

Starting her morning at 5 a.m., Rebecca has time to get coffee, take a SoulCycle class and arrive to work early to catch up on emails. What seems crazy to most people is routine to Rebecca, and she makes a point to go the extra mile in everything she does—running, traveling, working—to reap the full benefits that each day holds.

While her roots stem from Austin, Rebecca has lived in China, Hawaii and more. After graduating from UT, Rebecca took off to China to teach English, then found herself on a plane to Hawaii to work at Kate Spade, only returning home to follow her lifelong passion of storytelling. While this came in the form of journalism for a few years, Rebecca found that PR allows her freedom where journalism was restricting.

For Rebecca, Red Fan checked all of her boxes: strong internal team, smart-as-a-whip coworkers, dynamic accounts and the support of her work-life balance. Rebecca would describe herself as an “extroverted introvert,” and we couldn’t be more thankful for her subtle demeanor in the office. Chiming in when necessary, Rebecca demands your attention when she speaks. With her natural ability to connect with others, she loves learning from people with different backgrounds than her own, making her the ultimate travel buddy, adventurer and coworker.


"The Red Fan team is honest, smart, creative and nimble with top-notch writing, media relations and strategic partner development capabilities. With their counsel, our consistent earned media coverage in Austin has resulted in a significant increase in both user acquisition and Metropia’s brand awareness."

— Cynthia McGrail, director of marketing and PR, Metropia


"Red Fan Communications helped us look at our current work and potential to have greater impact in the community we work with and serve. They helped with not just a shift in thinking, but also a mindset change as to how powerful messages not only make something clear and tangible but also motivating and inspirational."

— Richard Tagle, CEO, Andy Roddick Foundation


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