Stephanie Trusler

Controller / Finance Director
 "The one fun accountant you know"


A proud number in a team full of letters, Stephanie is the conductor through which Red Fan’s many moving parts must synchronize.

A bastion of steadfastness, Stephanie spearheads the agency’s finances, ensuring that the team has the tools it needs to perform at full capacity, achieve exceptional results and surpass clients’ lofty expectations.

One of the youngest people to ever earn an insurance license, her affinity for business development and management combined with sales and marketing acumen gives her a unique perspective at the agency.

After 15 years in insurance, Stephanie found it to be a little too exciting and decided to seek opportunities in the calmer, less chaotic day-to-day of public relations. She met Kathleen four years ago, and the two immediately bonded over their slightly-excessive-but-shared passion for wine. It didn’t hurt that Stephanie’s level-headedness naturally complements Kathleen’s insatiable drive to succeed at any cost, and her presence at Red Fan has brought added stability to the agency during her tenure.


"I've worked with Red Fan on multiple projects including Susan G. Komen Austin. They helped us refine our messaging and get very crisp in terms of our communications plan and what to say and when/where to say it. I'm always been impressed and happy with the deliverables."

— Rick Reeder, technology leader, General Motors


"When working with The Pet Loss Center, Red Fan took our mission personally. We could tell that they were invested in our success, and they were willing to leverage both personal and professional connections to help link us with the community—connections that would have taken years to make organically."

— Nick Padlo, CEO, The Pet Loss Center


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