The East Austin restaurant where everyday is a reason to celebrate


Founded in Austin, Texas, by restaurateur Sam Hellman-Mass and Executive Chef Fermín Nuñez, Suerte believes that a great meal starts with delicious food but always includes genuine hospitality and a celebration of time shared at the table. The restaurant combines house made masa, refined cooking techniques, ingredients from local farmers and inspiration from Mexico for a familiar yet unexpected dining journey.



Red Fan was tasked with developing a slow and strategic announcement timeline for this new Austin institution. In a city crowded with seemingly similar offerings (Mexican food), it was vital to differentiate this new concept in the Austin market and showcase the heart of what Suerte is all about.


Together, Red Fan and Suerte identified brand messaging that could be utilized in web copy, implemented across social media channels and used in conversations with the media. Red Fan also developed a timeline for launching the restaurant, keeping construction in mind, and organized key moments in time to showcase the restaurant and its unique offering.




As a result of Red Fan’s work and the skill behind the Suerte team, this restaurant is now one of the most sought-after destinations in Austin, and beyond. Suerte received buzz and intrigue before the construction finished and since officially opening has been named one of the best new restaurants of 2018. And, we’re not done yet.

Red Fan’s strategic media outreach landed articles about Suerte in Eater, Bon Appétit, Texas Monthly, Tribeza, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American-Statesman, CultureMap, the Austin Business Journal and more. The restaurant was featured on Insider’s Kitchen Insider, covered on travel blogs and widely showcased by social media influencers.



“The team at Red Fan has been an integral part of the Suerte journey. Before launching the restaurant we delved deep into the restaurant's heart to uncover a PR strategy that communicates the ethos of our food and brand. With clear and compelling messaging the public was hooked to come into the restaurant. Since our opening we have built strong momentum with great press. I have complete trust that Red Fan carefully approaches each new media opportunity with skill and tact to make the best of every situation. Kathleen and Lindsay have coached me to become a better business leader internally to my staff at Suerte, and also as the owner of a very public business. I’ve found the best business relationships often become great friendships, and I treasure the friendship I’ve built with the team at Red Fan Communications.”

— Sam Hellman-Mass, owner, Suerte



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One hugely successful launch party, multiple earned articles, 1 integrated marketing strategy and dozens of key local relationships. 
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