Here's everything you need to include in your funding release

Every press release has a few core components that have to be in place to catch a journalist’s eye and attract interest from your stakeholders. Not every press release, however, is built the same way with the same phrases and the same methodology or even the same format. To help you navigate and approach what is often a brand’s first press release—a funding announcement—below are a few components you need to be sure to include with details specific to funding news:

The headline

Your headline drives the most SEO value. Always include your company name, and try to keep the headline to fewer than 12 words.

The qualifier

Your qualifier appears immediately after the first reference of your company name: “Red Fan Communications, a full-service public relations firm for dynamic B2B tech and consumer brands…”. The qualifier is your first chance to establish with your reader the kind of company you are, your goals and mission, what services you provide and who your audience is. It’s a short, small opportunity, but can be a great primer, especially if reporters aren’t familiar with your brand, product or service.

The basic questions

  1. How much money did you raise?

  2. From whom? Who was the lead investor?

  3. What stage is your company in?

  4. If you’ve already secured funding, who are your previous investors? How much money have you already raised?

  5. Are any investors joining your board?

  6. What will the funds be used for?

  7. What does your company do? Who do you serve?

The quotes

Your funding announcement should always feature a quote from an investor. It serves as external validation, establishes credibility and explains why the investment was made. The release should also feature a quote from the chief executive that highlights current growth and reiterates the most salient messaging points your company has to offer.


Your boiler plate is the last paragraph of the release and acts as your detailed company description. It’s your chance to add in a few new messaging points or restate what you’ve already written. The boilerplate typically includes your headquarters location, who your customers are, a short description of your mission and a brief history of your company. Beware, however, of making your boilerplate too long. Anything more than a few sentences and no one will read it, completely defeating its purpose.

The media contact

Your release should also include a media contact, usually a marketing representative or a member of your PR firm. Include an email, office line and mobile number. When they call, answer the phone!


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