Building your go-to-market message

Going to market can be unnerving. The pressure’s on to prove to investors, customers, reporters, analysts and maybe even yourself that your idea or product is worthy of investment, purchase or news coverage.

One guaranteed way to instill confidence in the market is a solid messaging foundation on which to build your public relations, marketing and sales efforts. Unfortunately, the tricky thing about launching a company or product is that it’s near impossible to undo once released, so you definitely need to get it right the first time to maximize everything that comes after.

We recommend building a messaging document that clearly articulates your purpose, target market and other key talking points. It should answer all the questions mentioned in this article and frame the message to speak to multiple audiences with the same core meaning.

To do this, we encourage our clients to create personas for each customer base, comprising each point of the triangle—and don’t be afraid to dive in and ask the questions that put you in your customers’ shoes.

  • What is your clients’ main concern? How can your product solve their problems?

  • How do they like to be contacted? Where do they source information?

  • What is their end goal as a customer?

  • If you’re a B2B2C company, what are your clients’ customers’ concerns? How does your product help them?

Once you’ve gained all the information possible about your target audience(s), you’ll be better suited to cater your messaging directly to them, hit their pain points and take up your position in the market. Your message itself should be adaptable to new industry trends, an evolving consumer base and potential new offerings or features (but not so adaptable that you’re constantly pivoting). If the thought of balancing a solidified-yet-flexible message sounds hypocritical or confusing to you, we’re happy to explain ourselves in greater detail. Let's get in touch.



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